8.03 PFBH

L E A P into Spring @ Platt Fields Bike Hub

Join us for some SERIOUS celebrating on 8th March 2015. 1-4pm

1. Holi Festival of Colour – wear a white t-shirt or jump suit and be prepared to be covered in wondrous different shades of pigment [if you enter the colour circle]. We are teaming up with the Indian Association who will be bringing the paint, the drummers and the delicious curry that will be up for grabs. More information on what Holi festival is here.

2. Bicycles [of course] – with f r e e bike servicing, pedal powered glorious music AND bicycle dancing [you have been invited to throw colour at the performers!]

3. International Women’s Day – with delightful performances from women east & west. Also a chance to get your photo taken with your bicycle for the ongoing side project we’re running #MCRwomenbike [loads more info here]

4. Spring –¬†mainly that the cold winter is nearly over & we can go about our bicycling activities again in the Boathouse. Feed us your suggestions for the coming season at The Hub :)

8.03 PFBH

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