Free Service

Welcome back, students!

Free Service

It’s been a while since most of us were enjoying those enriching exciting, young times of student life – so we had a plunge into their world to relive those sacred times but most importantly to shout about our new project. It took a few conversations to get over the fact that they didn’t know where Platt Fields Park was yet – [well of course they wouldn’t in their first 24 hours of living in Manchester]. But lucky students – now you do! It just so happens that our purring little project also exists in Manchester’s finest park, so we thought we’d invite them over to say hello and meet everything great about South MCR in one sitting…

Just to make potential visits more interesting, we launched a little competition for fourty lucky winners. By scrambling a name in our bike basket pot, people were thrown in the mix with a chance to win a free pro service in the space OR a divine steaming cup of hot splendour from the bicycle cart that is Coffee Cranks Co-op.

Well, the results are in – there are vouchers circulating the electronic hemisphere & landing on the doorstep of the lucky winners – come & claim your free stuff…

To all the other students who we also met – we look forward to seeing you soon. Welcome to Manchester and we hope to be riding with you soon.

Free Coffee


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